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Frequently asked questions

By Queensland law, a death cannot be registered until the day of the cremation/burial.
Fitzroy Funerals will order this for you.

It takes between 7-14 business days to receive the certificate in our office from the Registry in Brisbane.

We will contact you once the certificate is received and Colin will certify copies for you as he is a Commissioner for Declarations.

It normally takes 3-5 business days for your loved ones ashes to be ready.
If your loved ones ashes are required urgently, Fitzroy Funerals can organise to have them ready sooner.

Fitzroy Funerals has refrigerated vans and modern facilities to transport your loved one back home and into our care, no matter where they are.
Fitzroy Funerals have the knowledge and connections for national and international repatriations.

Fitzroy Funerals will assist you and your family to make a funeral claim on your insurance.We can certify required documentation and send your claim off for you.

Your loved ones ashes are normally placed in one of two types of containers; a scatter urn and a sealed urn.

A scatter urn is a blue plastic urn used for the purpose of scattering your loved ones ashes. It has a plug on the top.

A sealed urn is a white plastic urn used for the purpose of an ashes interment, whether it be in a niche or a grave.

Normally this question is asked because you have been asked to organise a funeral director.
Let the staff who is caring for your loved one know that Fitzroy Funerals will be handling the funeral arrangements.

When the time comes, we will be contacted and will make our way to put your loved one in our care. We will do this any day or night at any time.

We believe that no matter how rich or poor, everyone deserves the same respect and dignity.

In our care, your loved one is not a number, they are a person, just as they always were.
Fitzroy Funerals will take care of not only your loved one, but anyone and everyone who walks through our doors. We take our knowledge and skills to another level.

This is not a job to the people who own and operate Fitzroy Funerals, it is dedication and devotion to helping those in their time of grief.