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Traditional Coffins

We have a range of different traditional style of coffins you can choose from to suit your style and needs.

Tradition is important to quite a lot of people, this is why it is so important to us that we meet your needs however we can.

Traditional Coffin Designs

Florence Rosewood

Casket | Florence Rosewood

Grecian Urn Rosewood

Casket | Grecian Urn Rosewood

Grecian Urn White

Casket | Grecian Urn White

Ashington Camphor Laurel

Coffins | Ashington Camphor Laurel

Ashroyal Mother Of Pearl

Coffins | Ashroyal Mother Of Pearl

Ashmead Colonial Pine

Coffins | Ashmead Colonial Pine

Ashford Amethyst

Coffins | Ashford Amethyst x6

Ashford Walnut Gold

Coffins |Ashford Walnut /w Gold Handles

Singleton Rosewood

Coffins | Singleton Rosewood

Singleton White

Coffins | Singleton White

Davidson Maple Coffin

Coffins | Davidson Maple

Davidson Rosewood Coffin

Coffins | Davidson Rosewood

Ashmore Golden Teak Coffin

Coffins | Ashmore Golden Teak

Denman Coffin

Coffins | Denman

Regal Golden Oak Coffin

Coffins | Regal Golden Oak

Regal Maple Coffin

Coffins | Regal Maple

Coffins | Ashlin Sapele Shaded

Ashlin Sapele Shaded Coffin

Coffins | Ashlin Sapele

Ashlin Teak Brown Coffin

Coffins | Ashlin Teak

Greenature Banana Casket

Greenature | Banana

Greenature Pandanus

Greenature | Pandanus

Greenature Wicker

Greenature | Wicker